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You've imagined this

once in a lifetime 

moment for years,

and now it's here, it's even

more magical  

than you envisoned.

You see the


on your forever love's face, 

that's just for you.

You feel the slight shake as they take your hand.

You hear the crack in their voice

as they share their

hopes fears and dreams 

of doing life with you.

Ready to wear your heart on your sleeve?

Finding the best
Marriage Celebrant

to nail your big day  
is like going on a blind date

Gold Coast Marriage Celebrant | Just Love Celebrancy

You want that instant spark 

that feeling in your heart 

that without a doubt, your celebrant gets you!

That they know what you need to turn nerves into excitement

and soak up the supportive vibes from all your loved ones.

That they relish the opportunity to share your story

with love, respect and a tiny bit of cheekiness.

That you and your guests are on the edge of your seats, 

chuckling at the human parts of you and shedding a tear at

what loves means to you.

That by the time the music swells and that confetti floats 

you're walking on sunshine!

Celebrant Gold Coast | Just Love Celebrancy

"The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, it was personal, fun and so incredibly romantic."

 Hundreds of love stories

10 years' experience

 I have seen it ALL

"Our celebrant Casey really made everything a dream allowing us to revel in the magic of finding love."

And WAIT for it...

I've even appeared on 'Married At First Sight!'

Fall in love with


I'm a recovering perfectionist, chocoholic, woeful baker, cricket tragic, MAFS enthusiast,

mother of dragons (Boy Mum of four), music addict and hopeless romantic.


In 2022 we moved from

NSW Central Coast to QLD country, settling near the heart of the Scenic Rim, 20 minutes from

Mount Tamborine. 

After a decade of marrying legends,

I know all the little details you need to make your big day elegant,

authentic and seamless. 


If I couldn't be a

Full-Time Marriage Celebrant...

You'd find me playing

screaming sax solos, one-handed keys and some fierce tambo beats in a wedding covers band with my husband Dave on drums.

Our first gig together we jumped up at our own wedding..

...check out how bloody nervous

I was compared with how natural

he looks!

Crack the champas! 
Let's craft your day in style 

Planning a wedding feels like someone's thrown you a clipboard and made

YOU head event coordinator, just for one day!

From shortlisting vendors on your socials during lunch hour,  choosing colour palettes and do I actually need a social content creator AS WELL... warned you how many decisions it would take to craft your 

big day

Bride being dipped by Groom on wedding dancfloor at Just Love Wedding

But your
dream wedding 
is just as important
as the 

you'll be kicking your heels off to on the dancefloor.

NO "insert couple's names" into a
"one-size-fits-most-ceremony" here!

Your ceremony HAS to

like you because
you are

absolute legends.

And just like your other half...
I like you  

just the way you are.


Elle & Alex Wood, Gold Coast Valley Farm House

"You made the ceremony authentically US! We had so many guests come up saying how much they loved it!"

Wedding feels like these


       Make it...             at first sight

Nailed it! Talk soon gorgeous!

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