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Whether you envisage your ceremony as traditional, contemporary, or completely unique, Casey will collaborate with you to create a relaxed, fun, seamless and memorable occasion that reflects who you are.

Here’s a SNEAK PEEK of your Just Love Wedding Ceremony experience...

This is how we create the magic for YOUR big day!


• A one-of-a-kind script that reflects you and your story 


• Support with your personal vows so if you’re ever feeling stuck or need a sounding board to make sure it flows.. Want to surprise your fiancé on the day? I’m great at keeping secrets 


• Gorgeous vow keepsakes so you don’t have to whip out your phone mid-ceremony 


• All the best tips with making sure you and your wedding party know what to do and when, including which part of the song to walk down to, where to stand, how to stand without feeling awkward so you feel confident and ready to nail the ceremony AND BONUS you don’t have to pay extra for a ceremony rehearsal 


• Paperwork lodgement and registration with Births, Deaths and Marriage required under Australian law for a legal ceremony… AND


• I apply for your standard marriage certificate that will be posted out to you so you can update your identity documents e.g. driver’s license/passport etc Not all marriage celebrants but I’m not all other celebrants. Let me take that off your plate too. One less thing for you to do 


• I bring my own mic and speaker and be I’ll even handle your ceremony tunes too 


• I’ll liaise with your wedding crew to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. I don’t start until everyone is here so no one misses a single moment! AND I don’t rush off to any other weddings on the day so you have me all to yourselves and you have my full focus on the day 


• Stress free facetime/zoom chats after work (BYO beveragino) to nail all the ins and outs of your day, where you don’t have to know everything. Because chances are, you’ve never been married before! And who said this part of wedding planning couldn’t be a bit fun and relaxed? 


• All my tips from almost a decade of being a celebrant AND a Bridesmaid 7 times over to make the day go off without a hitch, from how to include the VIPs in your life like kids, babies, animals, your besties, your favourite grandma! 


• I frock up to complement your style and your theme. Give me your colour palette, show me your florals, let me dress to impress and look coordinated with you and your wedding party. Give me a reason to buy another gorgeous dress! 


• AND me! By your side, cheering you on, calm and confident for a magical moment you’ll look back on forever with love and think, yep, we absolutely NAILED IT! Let’s do it all again (when we win the lottery in 10 years time) 

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