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Tara + Josh, Braeside at Gin House Creek Estate

"Casey absolutely radiates positive vibes. She is so passionate about what she does and it shines through in her attention to detail."

All Night Long

Roll out the red carpet and throw me the mic!

Feel like a VIP from the your first steps down the aisle all the way into your dream reception with the

ultimate ceremony and MC package.

Leave the run sheet with a pro

and give your guests the night off so they can

soak up the champagne and magic

and no-one misses a moment.

I'll wrangle your nearest and dearest for photos

before they sneak off to the bar

so you can bask in that just-married afterglow.

Your big day will run like clockwork with meticulous coordination between all your chosen love legends.

I'll lead you through all of the evening's festivities

until the cake is cut, you've kicked off your heels

and are frothing for the DJ

to crank your dancefloor bangers.

MC + Ceremony Package



 Heart on Sleeve

Nail your nuptials in style!

I'm your fourth bridesmaid,

your third-wheel,

your sister to another mister. 


While you're frocking up on your big day,

I'm already at your venue, set up

and ready to greet your nearest and dearest.


All those little details you're worried

will be missed in your absence?

Already ticked off by me with your

vendor dream team, so you can relax

and start to get excited knowing

it's all going to go off without a hitch.


Your wedding kicks off with a one-of-a-kind script that looks, feels and sounds like you.

It's packed with lighthearted but meaningful feels, hitting that sweet spot of 15 - 20 minutes.


Before you know it, you'll be savouring that

first sip of your champagne

and ready to jointhe biggest party you'll ever throw!


In the lead up, we'll get your vows

wedding day ready with all my tips

so you can feel confident when I pass you the mic and your gorgeous keepsake vow cards.

You'll be ready to wear your heart on your sleeve

to your forever person and knock their socks off.


Not keen on sharing vows? That's ok too.

I'll make sure you have the bare minimum time

on the mic and will do most of the talking

for you, sharing your story

and what loves means to you,

so you can soak up the

most magical momentof your life.


Trying to juggle wedding planning with work, kids, or even from interstate?

As a working mum of four, making life effortless and efficient comes naturally to me,

because let's face it.


Who has the time these days?

We'll tackle the legal paperworkand most of the planning over a couple of video chats, in our jarmies with a wine in hand - too easy!

How long do ceremonies go for?

When planning a wedding, nailing your timeline to fit everything from getting glammed up with the girls through to sunset photos and champagne tower toasts feels daunting.


It’s like having to become an event planner just for one day! Ain't NOBODY got time for that.


Civil ceremonies (the ones that aren’t being performed by a priest, pastor etc) these days in contemporary Australia generally don’t have to bang on forever. Leaving 30 minutes for the whole ceremony process from start to finish is usually ample. As your Celebrant, I'll only be hogging the mic for that sweet spot of 15-20 minutes MAX, because TBH you and your nearest and dearest are frothing for a bevvy and cannot wait to kick off the party. So from the time the celebrant invites your guests to take a seat, that special someone makes it down the aisle, to signing the legal marriage documents, and introducing you as newlyweds, it goes very quickly! And just like that, pass the bubbles, you're married.


How long your ceremony will go for depends on:

- How many people are in your wedding party. If you have 5 bridemaids, two flower girls, a page boy AND your fiancé also wants their own entrance aisle down the aisle with your mother-in-law followed by a Beer Man, this will take longer than having just your Maid of Honour start the ceremony, right?


- It will also depend on what kind of ceremony you want, like whether you want to go back down memory lane and have your love story shared, whether you want to wear your heart on your sleeve and exchange personal vows, and whether there are VIPs you’d like to participate during the ceremony.


But don’t stress, you're not supposed to know all the answers just yet.


It’s my job to collaborate with you to put all these elements together. Crafting a ceremony that looks, sounds and feels like you is what I do. I've helped hundreds of legends have the time of their life since 2014, back when flower crowns were trending hard!

                Do I need a wedding rehearsal?

Popular celebrants are often booked out the day before your wedding, the day you can usually wrangle your wedding party.

But I LOVE helping you and your I-Do-Crew feel confident about your roles during the ceremony,

and you can add a rehearsal on to your ceremony package pending availability.

Not sure if you need one? Wedding ceremony rehearsals can help you...

- Slow down the nerves to stop your from sprinting down the aisle

- Navigate hazards like stairs, uneven ground and water features in unforgiving footwear

- Know your cue to start your walk so the music doesn't run out before the bride/groom arrives

- Know where and how far apart to stand so the photographer can get some gorgeous shots  

- When to take the bouquet from the bride or groom for a seamless transition

- Know who will present the rings and how to stop an accidental fumble when those hands are shaking

- Familiarise yourself with a general ceremony order because you might not have been to many weddings before

- Know when and how to exit the ceremony, so you can thrill your guests with a second cheeky kiss, a romantic dip, or a dance outta there into the biggest party you'll ever throw

Most of these elements can be planned months out with an experienced celebrant, as the week of your wedding is intense and you will be feeling some major decision fatigue. The last thing you need is a well-meaning bridesmaid throwing in another suggestion that you're likely to forget in the moment because your brain is about to explode with information overload.


And remember, the magic often happens in the moment. No matter how much you rehearse with toddler flowergirls and page boys, they are hilariously unreliable and unpredictable, so get ready for a giggle and don't sweat the small stuff! 

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