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What’s involved in the marriage process?

Just Love Celebrancy will help answer all of your marriage related questions, and if you want to find more, the Attorney General’s Website has all you need to know, including how to provide feedback. Remember, all Celebrants have a boss to answer to and Code of Conduct of conduct to follow. 


How long does a ceremony go for?

When planning a wedding, getting your timeline right squeeze everything in on your big day can be daunting, especially if you haven't done it before. It's like having to become an event planner just for one day! Eeek!

Civial ceremonies (the ones that aren't being performed by a religious leader like a preist, pastor etc) these days in contemporary Australia don't go on for very long.

I recommend to most of my couples that leaving 30 minutes for the whole ceremony process from start to finish. This is from the time the I invite your guests to take a seat, watching that special someone glide down the aisle, to signing the legal marriage documents, and introducing you as newlyweds, it goes quicker than you think! And just like that, you're married! Now where's that champagne...

How long I will be on the mic for depends on a few different elements to your ceremony.


How many people are in your wedding party,  and are they all making an entrance? For example if you have 5 bridesmaids, two flower girls and a page boy AND your fiancé also wants to walk down the aisle with your mother-in-law, this may take a wee bit longer than having your Maid of Honour start the ceremony.

What tone of ceremony do you want? Do you want it be romantic and include your love story? Do you want it to be funny and share personal vows which include roasting your better half? Do you want to be family centred and include some VIPs with some little rituals?

But don't stress, my job to collaborate with you to combine all these elements together, and create a ceremony that looks, feels and sounds like you. And of course, makes it official like a referee with a whistle!

Do you do rehearsals?

I'm often booked out the day and week before your wedding. BUT I will make sure you feel extremely comfortable knowing how fast to walk down the aisle, which part of the music is your turn to walk, where to stand and the order. You'll look the part and the magic of your big moment will happen naturally, effortlessly and seamlessly.

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